Since its inception, the KC Native Plant Initiative has evolved just like the native plants we love, and that evolution has led to our new name, Deep Roots KC. Native plants’ deep roots are extraordinary because they are regenerative, meaning they can actually repair some of the damage caused by modern civilization.

  • Native plants’ deep roots trap carbon in the soil which reduces carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
  • Native plants’ deep roots manage water flow, prevent soil erosion and inhibit flash floods, decrease flooding.
  • Native plants’ deep roots also clean water by filtering storm water run-off.

Native plants are functional below and also above. Native plants’ flowers and leaves are crucial in our native habitat. Birds, butterflies and pollinators rely on the leaves and flowers of native plants for food, shelter, and sustenance for their young. Native plants also give us our sense of place, and we are proud of our deep roots in the Kansas City community!

Over the next few months, you may see both names used as we transition our website, social media and other resources to bear the new logo and name of Deep Roots. The Pollinator will be getting a refreshed look, and will continue to be your source for the events, information and articles that you rely on.

We hope you love the new look and name as much as we do!