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Once considered an up-and-coming ornamental shade tree in the 1950s, the invasive Callery pear (often sold as Bradford, Chantecleer, or Cleveland Select) tree has overtaken roadways, woodlands, and grasslands.  According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, a single wild tree, originating in Asia, can spread quickly by seed and vegetative means, often forming dense thickets within several years and outcompeting native plants. In forested settings, it leafs out earlier than our native trees, effectively shading out spring wildflowers.

To continue to spread awareness about how the invasive Callery pear tree (Pyrus calleryana) causes harm to economics and the environment, Evergy, Deep Roots, and our partners are hosting our second Callery Pear Buy-back in the Kansas City area and Northeast Kansas.

Learn More About Callery Pear & Other Invasives

Missouri Invasive Plant Council

Kansas Forest Service

Missouri Department of Conservation

2024 Event Dates & Locations

Registration for 2024 events is now LIVE!

Callery Pear Buyback – Johnson County
April 27th, 2024 10am-1pm
In partnership with Shawnee Indian Mission Foundation
Callery Pear Buyback Event – Johnson Co., KS
Shawnee Indian Mission State Historical Site
3403 W 53rd St., Fairway, KS

Callery Pear Buyback — Shawnee County
April 27th, 2024 10am-1pm
In Partnership with Evergy Green Team and Shawnee Co Parks
Gage Park – Ballfield Parking lot
900 Block of SW Civitan Lane, Topeka KS

Callery Pear Buyback — Jackson County
April 27th, 2024 10am-1pm
In partnership with GaleHart Communities
Callery Pear Buyback Event – Jackson Co., MO
Metropolitan Community College, Longview Campus
500 SW Longview Rd., Lee’s Summit, MO

Callery Pear Buyback — Platte County
May 4th, 2024 10am-1pm

In partnership with Parkville Parks and Rec Dept.
Callery Pear Buyback Event — Platte Co., MO
Platte Landing Park – Friends Shelter
300 S. Main St., Parkville, MO

How to get your free native tree when you cut down a Callery pear!

  1. Cut down a Callery pear tree on your property – blooming now! And take a photo of it, with a person for scale.
  2. Register using the Eventbrite link that has a date and location that works best for you.
  3. Show up to pick up your free tree on the date and time of your chosen event location. Show your removed pear photo to Deep Roots staff, volunteers, or partners  as you check in to select your free native replacement.

The offer is limited to one native tree (3-gallon pot size, approximately 4 feet tall) per household. Registration is required. 

When you register, you will be reserved ONE native tree. Available varieties and information about each are below. 

Important–Tree availability will be on a first-come, first-served basis. No reservations for specific trees. Trees will be available only during event dates and times. Please show up at the location on your Eventbrite confirmation email.