Habitat Garden Tours

What is a Habitat Garden?

A native plant garden that provides habitat for birds, bees, butterflies and other wildlife.

Second Saturday Tours

Visit three residential habitat gardens every month to:

• Experience diverse habitat gardens and the succession of native plant blooms over the 7-month growing season.

• Meet, chat and learn with other habitat gardeners and native plant and wildlife lovers.

• Find inspiration, ideas and information to start, grow, improve and expand your own habitat gardens.

To nominate a garden or ask a question, email grace@deeprootskc.org

May Crestwood Charm

Join us May 11th to see three wonderful habitat gardens full of wildlife-supporting native plants, located on traditional blocks in the middle of Kansas City.


The architectural symmetry of this house belies the wildlife focus of its gardens, which include wonderfully informal, “messy” plants like Elderberry.


This 1920s Craftsman Bungalow is abuzz with pollinators and native plants on every side, including the entire front yard. (This is also a great model for people with sloping lots!)


Vast empty lawn is the rule in grand neighborhoods, but this Sunset Hills garden hides in plain sight, with structured beds full of native plants.


Hold up… did we say three habitat gardens? Here’s #4 — a bonus Scenic Detour! This fairy cottage sits behind a bird paradise of native shrubs, vines and trees.

If you’re already subscribed, simply watch your inbox the Thursday before each Second Saturday (May 9th), for an email with addresses and garden information. See you in the garden!