By Stacia Stelk

This year, Deep Roots embarked on a project to identify the “Most Likely to Succeed Native Plants”. Working with native plant growers, retailers, garden designers, and other experts, we endeavored to create a list of plants that:

  • Are generally easy to find at native plant nurseries and sales,
  • Tolerate a wider range of soil types, sun, and moisture,
  • Have broad wildlife and pollinator appeal, and
  • Boast lengthy bloom time and seasonal interest.

The resulting list of sixteen native plants, The Sweet Sixteen, meet these criteria and more! Highlighted in this month’s webinars, you can enjoy the Sweet Sixteen Lunch & Learn where are guest speaker, Sarah Beier of Oak & iO, takes viewers through the highlighted plants along with garden designs. (Find the garden designs on our website.)

On Thursday, August 17, join Alix and Cydney, native plant landscape specialists at the Discovery Center for Native Plants at Noon – The Sweet Sixteen. (If you’re not already registered, do so here!) Alix and Cydney will tour the grounds of the Discovery Center, highlighting each of these plants as they appear in their gardens.

Deep Roots hopes this list of plants will inspire you to plant a fall garden or incorporate a few of the species into your existing spaces. Mark your calendars, Deep Roots’ fall plant sale is September 9, 10 AM – 2 PM at the Anita G. Gorman Discovery Center.

We hope you have fun experimenting with the Sweet Sixteen pallet of plants. Don’t forget, this is a great starting list, but don’t feel like it’s the only list. Talk to your native plant experts that grow and sell native plants. They’d be happy to share ideas of other plants you might want to consider.

Many thanks to the Arvin L. Gottlieb Foundation for underwriting this project.