Dear Friends-

I have always loved Earth Day. It’s always been one of my favorite days of the year. On Earth Days past, I was surrounded by professionals and volunteers who make environmental action their life’s work. I continue to meet people who are looking for ways to get started or new steps to take. From them all, I learn something, am inspired, and embrace hope.

Earth Day 2020 finds us celebrating, alone together. While apart from other humans, Earth Day remains one of my favorite days. This year, I choose to celebrate with other species who inspire environmental action. In our yard, our roundleaf groundsel (Packera obavata – pictured below) is blooming, and it’s beautiful to watch it follow the sun through the day and blow in the breeze. Our flowering dogwood (Cornus florida – pictured above), meanwhile, is a late bloomer, but I’m happily seeing some white flowers open. It’s like a slow-motion fireworks display. I am also celebrating the survival of our spice bush (Lindera benzoin). Last fall, a massive oak tree limb landed on it. We weren’t sure it was going to survive the winter.

This Earth Day, I learn from, am inspired by, and embrace hope from my plant friends.
They remind me to follow the sun and bend with the wind. They teach me that things don’t always happen at the same time for everyone; be patient. They teach me resilience; we can take a hit, get hurt and heal and grow.

On the fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day, I hope you can join me and go outside and play. This Earth Day, celebrate with nature, plant a garden, add to a garden, and nurture the native species which nurture us.

Please stay safe and healthy. Happy Earth Day!

Stacia Stelk
Deep Roots Executive Director