How much should I water my new native plantings? It’s a great question, and although there isn’t one perfect answer, we can offer some general guidance to help you be successful with your new plantings. Planting in the fall is a great idea and an ideal time for plant root development. Because it’s cooler, we often forget that our new plantings still need water.

Since we cannot fully rely on mother nature to provide adequate moisture to our new delicate babies, we often need to provide additional water in the absence of good rainfall.
Here’s a rule of thumb called the 3, 2, 1 rule:
  • 3–Water deeply 3 times per week the first week of planting (about every other day).
  • 2–Water deeply 2 times per week the second week after planting.
  • 1–Water deeply 1 time weekly by the third week and continue to do so until there is a hard freeze.

What about winter watering? That depends!

The last few winters have been particularly dry. When we have plants that have less than fully mature root systems coupled with harsh cold and dry conditions, our new plants can be heavily stressed. In this situation, augmenting water once per month is advisable. A good way to remember is to let your plants celebrate when you celebrate! Many of us have holidays or traditions in the winter that we enjoy. So, when you celebrate, give your plants a good deep drink (of water)! They will reward you in the spring!

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