The Anita G. Gorman Discovery Center is home to several native plant gardens and natural areas. It takes a special team of people to keep these spaces thriving, and these folks are inviting us to garden and learn alongside them.

We are to announce “Work and Learn Gardening Days” at the Discovery Center. Twice a month the Discovery Center team will collaborate on different areas around the landscape and learn gardening skills along the way.

It’s one thing to read about native plants and another to get your hands dirty and learn from the earth. All gardens take effort, the amount depends on your goals and the plants selected. From the “Chelsea Chop” to deadheading, pruning, and even transplanting, learning opportunities abound.

At our Garden Workday sessions, you’ll learn about seasonal plants of interest and different techniques to maintain them. Not only will you take pride in creating beautiful public spaces, but you’ll be empowered to use these skills in your landscape!

Visit our Sign-Up List to see the entire 2023 schedule and to register!