One of the most common questions we hear this time of year is:

“Where can I buy native plants?”

Each season, we compile a list of native plant sales, but recognize that the times and locations may not work for everyone.  Below are the remaining native plant sales in the KC metro for 2019, as well as some other options if Saturday morning sales aren’t your jam.

Remaining Native Plant Sales in 2019
Know of other sales we should add to this list? Drop us a note to let us know!

Native Plant Nurseries in the KC Metro
The following nurseries grow and sell native plants, and you can be assured you are getting true native species that are safe and healthy for your garden and it’s inhabitants.  Find hours, locations, and farmer’s market dates at the websites below.

Mail Order Native Plants
If you can’t get out to the sales or the nurseries, native plants can come to you. Check out these options for convenience.

Check Your Local Garden Center
Many garden centers sell native plants, either in a separate section or mingled with non-native perennials. The centers below have confirmed availability of native plants in the KC metro. If your local garden center doesn’t carry native plants yet – ask them to do so!

Wholesale Native Plants for Professionals and Big Projects
Professional landscapers, designers, and others in need of frequent or large quantities should check out the wholesalers below.

These are just a sample of the native plant availability in our region, and we’ve probably missed a few. Would you like to recommend a garden center or nursery with great native plants?  Let us know so our list can grow! ????