Photo credit: Heather Holm
Written By: Stacia Stelk, Executive Director

Plan It Native 2024 is thrilled to have Heather Holm join us in person for the first time since 2019. Heather is a noted author and celebrated expert on native bees and other pollinators. She is an advocate for the world of pollination that bridges ecology, horticulture, and design.

Heather knows how to think like a bee, and her passion is contagious! In fact, she refers to bumblebees as “the teddy bears of the native bee world.”  And for those of you who like to pet “bumble butts,” we’re sure you couldn’t agree more! Her session, Creating and Managing Landscapes for Native Bees, will explore the nesting habitats, life cycles, pollen collection, and brood rearing of some of the most common native bees in North America.

There are many unique aspects to keep in mind when managing your outdoor spaces for bees. She considers how phenology (the cyclic and seasonal natural phenomena) informs the plants we choose and how we maintain them to support bee habitat. She identifies nesting strategies and flower preferences to further inform those decisions.

Join Heather as she explores the nesting habitats, life cycles, pollen collection, brood rearing, and general characteristics of some of the most common native bees in eastern North America. Learn about pollen specialists, the presentation of floral resources, and how the physical characteristics of bees can influence their effectiveness as pollinators.

Attend Plan It Native 2024, and Heather will teach you, too, how to think like a bee!

Heather Holm is a pollinator conservationist and award-winning author. She passionately informs and educates audiences nationwide, through her writing and many presentations, about the fascinating world of native pollinators and beneficial insects, and the native plant communities that support them.