The 2022 Plan It Native conference has come to a close but as we’re all moving forward we don’t have to put Plan It Native in the back of our minds. If you are a paid registrant and missed a session or just want to go back and experience it all again, you can! All of the concurrent sessions, keynote speakers, and presentations from the conference reside on the same Socio webpage that everyone used for the live conference. From Summer to Fall, planting projects are starting to move into new phases. The endless information from the Plan It Native conference should provide ample resources for registrants to use in their Fall-time endeavors.

Moving forward, all of the recorded Plan It Native content will be hosted on the Plan It Native Landscapes Conference web app and mobile app. Although the discussions during the roundtables and office hours weren’t recorded, go back through the videos and rediscover the wonders of biophilic design and the native planting recommendations from industry professionals! There are countless bits and pieces of priceless information contained within each of our keynote speaker addresses. Going back through these sessions presents opportunities to hear and see things you may have missed out on, like Paul Brown’s presentation! I know that moving forward I won’t plan my native plantings the same way.

Whether you joined us in September to gain knowledge that will aid you professionally or just wanted to see what you could learn, we want to thank you for being there. For all of those registrants wanting to know how to rewatch the concurrent sessions, just head to the Plan It Native Landscapes Conference page on Socio in your web or mobile app. For those wondering how to get in on the action next year, stay up to date on Deep Roots KC related news: follow us on social media, sign up for our newsletter, and look to volunteer with before we take a break for Fall/Winter!