Maintaining a green space, especially one that demonstrates both the beauty and function of native plantings, requires a lot of work. The Anita B. Gorman Conservation Discovery Center hosts a demonstration garden of our own, as many of you already know. In this green space so many of you have poured your sweat into the soil. 

Since my start at Deep Roots KC this past June, I have had the opportunity to work alongside some wonderful individuals. Maintaining a green space takes commitment and consistency above all else. By signing up and making the effort to join us out at the Discovery Center this commitment and consistency has continued to be upheld, that achievement is owed to all of you who made it out there! 






Through blistering hot days, reschedules, and until recently, early sunsets, our volunteers are doing so much more than just maintaining a green space. The knowledge and care that goes into ethically stewarding our natural worlds resources becomes shared between each individual. I know I have learned my fair share of information just by starting a conversation! While our work day events have passed and the dormant season approaches, Deep Roots KC would like to extend its appreciation to all of our wonderful volunteers, our future volunteers, and the critters that make work days a little more interesting.