By Chris Cardwell

There’s been another big win in Kansas City this year, but with a little less fanfare than February’s sports headlines. After years of appeals from native plant enthusiasts in Kansas and Missouri, invasive species legislation has been on the floors of both Capitols. Through dedicated education and advocacy work, bills and initiatives addressing invasive plants have been making their way through the political process.

In December, Missouri State Representative Bruce Sassman introduced HB 2412 in Jefferson City, aimed to restrict the sale of five of the most problematic species that are still available in plant nurseries throughout the region. And in Topeka, the Kansas Department of Agriculture proposed a full quarantine of Callery pear throughout the Kansas horticulture industry.
Secretary Beam signed the order on February 5th, but it will not be enforced until January 1, 2027.

Deep Roots has been proud to be a part of the Missouri Invasive Plant Council’s Callery Pear Buyback program, and we’re excited to repeat our native tree giveaway events on both sides of the state line this coming spring.  Registration is open from March 15 – April 15.  Pear events dates are April 27th – Fairway (JoCo), Lees Summit (already sold out), and Topeka. May 4th – Parkville only

Photo credit (right): Kansas Forest Service

If you remove an invasive Callery pear from your landscape, take a photograph of it and go to You’ll be able to register to receive a free native species tree to replace it! Space is limited to 100 registrants per event, so be sure that you’re 100% able to attend the in-person event on the dates listed.

Giveaway events are made possible through generous support from our sponsor, Evergy, so many supporting partners, and YOU! This incredible success in the fight against invasive plants is only possible when people throughout the KC Region join in and decide that “What You Plant [and don’t plant] Matters.”