deep roots native plant sale

We’ve made finding native plants easy with this extensive list of native plant sales, specialists, and garden centers that carry native plants. When buying plants or seeds from a new source, it’s a good idea to ask questions about: where seeds were collected (closer is better), whether plants are cultivars or true native species (what’s the difference and why does it matter?), and whether any pesticides have been used.

Native Plant Sales

Deep Roots Native Plant Sale

Saturday, April 23, 2022, 10:00 AM-2:00PM
Prairie Village Pool Parking Lot
7711 Delmar St., Prairie Village, KS 66208

Add beauty and function to your garden with plants that support pollinators, birds, butterflies, and more!

A portion of proceeds benefits Deep Roots.
What You Plant Matters!

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Native Plant Specialists

City Roots Nursery

Green Thumb Gardens

Happy Apple’s Farm

Izel Plants

Parson’s Gardens

Missouri Dept. of Conservation– Tree Seedlings

Kansas Forest Service– Tree Seedlings

Missouri Wildflowers Nursery

Prairie Moon Nursery

Prairie & Wetland Center (CritSite)

Robertson Restoration Products

Sow Wild Natives

Garden Centers That Carry Native Plants

Many garden centers sell native plants, either in a separate section or mingled with non-native perennials.

Colonial Gardens

Heartland Nursery and Garden Center

Soil Service

Suburban Lawn and Garden

Find others (around KC and regionally): Grow Native Professional Member Nurseries