Originally imported from Asia, bush honeysuckle is an invasive and vigorous grower which quickly crowds out native plants and shrubs that are beneficial and essential for habitat. If you are a large land manager, city or municipal employee, or anyone charged with large-scale woodland spaces, you know the challenges that bush honeysuckle causes. And we have designed a webinar just for you.

Image Credit: Missouri Department of Conservation

On October 19, 2021, at noon, join Deep Roots and Matt Garrett, JCPRD Field Biologist, Johnson County Park & Recreation District, for a virtual step-by-step on how to tackle large-scale honeysuckle removal. The topics will include:
  • Writing a bid and the bid process.
  • Selecting conservation contractors.
  • Using prescribed fire.
  • Measuring success.
  • Funding projects.
  • Managing and monitoring for the long-term.

Register for this event today, and start planning for your own bush honeysuckle removal project.