How many times have you wanted to add native plants to your landscape or “re-wild” your yard just to be met with city ordinances or home’s association covenants preventing it? Well, there’s a solution to that! But we must be proactive in setting this solution in motion.

On December 2, 2021, Deep Roots​ and the Mid America Regional Council hosted a webinar to empower the voting public to change their city or neighborhood’s rules for native landscapes. Pollinator Friendly Neighborhoods highlights the “model ordinances” that Mid America Regional Council and Gould Evans developed in 2020.

These “model ordinances” outline changes that elected officials in cities ​or neighborhoods ​can make to change the rules of what is considered acceptable in landscapes​ while preserving the integrity of the municipality and neighborhood. The model ordinances encourage implementing more native plants in landscapes to improve soil, increase pollinators, reduce flooding and standing water, and filter rainwater​-​WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN! Seriously, what’s not to love?

For elected officials to know that these changes are essential, they must hear from you! During the webinar, we highlight the most critical pieces of the ordinances and allow you to hear from someone who has made this a reality in his city. It’s inspiring!

Check out the webinar and the accompanying resources to see how​ to raise your voice in your community and neighborhood!